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Regardless of its size, a construction project can take years to complete and will require an endless number of decisions to be made.  While exciting in the beginning, it can become a daunting undertaking. It is best to engage in an owner’s rep during the early stages of construction. Having the ability to weigh in as a subject matter expert on potential project pitfalls from the beginning allows me to use my experience to help steer you toward success.  
Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and it is possible you may have started your venture and then became overwhelmed or fallen behind schedule.
Regardless of how you came to your decision, Third Eye offers flexible options that can be tailored to your needs.


Phase I

  • Team coordination

  • Assistance with bid package

  • Evaluation of possible risk

  • Work with Owner, Architect, and Contractor to ensure design and costs are within Owner’s expectations

  • Help find a home site

Phase II

  • Manage timeline

  • Budget

  • Design changes

  • Confirm build is per blueprints

  • Review invoices from contractors for payment approval

  • Act as a buffer between owner and contractor

  • Review change orders for approval

  • Ensure proper cratsmanship


Phase III

  • Manage punch list

  • Ensure owner has occupancy permits

  • Assist with move-in

  • Operation and maintenance manual collection

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